10th August 2013

I mean come on. Half frozen hot dogs in an ER!

I only started writing to piece together the story I thought would be a book. A story I couldn’t let get away from me.

“She always lost her voice when she was stressed. She called me, voice barely a whisper. Sit down.” Why, what’s up? “You have to sit down. Just sit down.”

But I can’t write the next line. I know what it is, but I cannot actually write it out.

How do you tell the story that you have to? But that you won’t let out?

Like all your stories. Breezing over the rough bits and filling them with the funny parts, sarcasm and an inappropriate sense of humor.

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2nd August 2012

There are so many.

When he showed our friends the pictures I sent him from my empty hotel room, I should have flipped the fuck out.  But I was already so tired from pretending it was ok that I was on that trip alone after he bailed last minute and informed me by making plans with our friends for that weekend in front of me. 

Oh man, the ones I’m remembering now aren’t even the worst ones.

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30th July 2012


When Iris asked us to help her friend find a nice girl, and he laughed and said “I can’t even find myself a nice girl.” instead of trying to be invisible, and settling for dodging her shocked face and trying to seem light hearted, I should have walked away from that table and him.  

There are so many times I talked myself out of leaving him.  And every single time, except the last, I was wrong. 

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15th July 2012

Too long for twitter, too personal for facebook

My mom just told the best story about my grandma, and how our cousins in the midwest considered her the “cool aunt. She moved to the big city, married a service man, and traveled every where.” 

She’s been to 49 of 50 states and has no inclination to head to Maine. 

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18th January 2012

I don’t know how.

NaBloPoMo 2011

And I don’t remember anything I wrote.  And it took me over a month to come back and acknowledge that for the first time in MANY years of attempts, I did it.

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30th November 2011

The End

I can’t believe NaBloPoMo is over!  And for the first year I actually did it!  That is due soley to having wordpress on my cell phone, I must admit.

Hopefully this does what is intended, nudges me to write more. To upload even just pictures with a few sentences.  To try to document more good than bad.

At the very least I’ll have to update on that craft closet, should we ever finish it!

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29th November 2011


I get hit with the mush so hard I tear up at how lucky I am.

And then I fucking shake it off cause I’m a robot bitch.

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28th November 2011

It’s that time of year again!


I loathe Xmas season.  It is time consuming and mostly petty and tends to bring out the worst in most people.  But I LOVE driving around town and looking at Xmas lights.   I remember doing it as a kid, piling up with the boys in the van with our hot chocolate and cruising around town. 

I can’t wait.

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27th November 2011

Thanksgiving Three!


Two Thanksgivings wasn’t enough apparently.

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26th November 2011


I am wrecked with an after Turkey Day cold.   So unless you want pictures on me in socks and blankets on a couch with kitties I got nothing.

It’s been crappy TV and pinterest all day long.

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